Cable for Apple

Cable for Apple

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Category: Electronics & Electrical Appliances Cables


Gross Weight: 8.66 KG

Volume: 42818.75 CCM

Bar Code: 6958085509748


Commodity material: TPE, Aluminium

Packaging material: PVC+PAPER CARD

Usage method: 1.Connect USB end to charger and connect Lightning end to iPhone, iPad, etc. for charging and transmitting data.2.Please insert the end properly.

Product features: 1.Folding resistance design, not easy to break.2.Fashionable design, easy to carry. Made of durable and sturdy material.

Matters need attention: 1.Do not contact with water when use.2.Do not disassemble it by yourself to avoid damaging to the product.

Storage method: Please store it in a dry and ventilated place without corrosive gas.